Square Car  in  Rietveld Schroder House
            april  28th,  the square car fits in the house, the RH doors are opening into the mean room
            the car for a better world and the space telescope in one house
            may 2nd,  with the help of John Kormeling I get into the Expo site with the electric engine that fits in the car.
            Walter van Weelden thought about a better spot for this new car concept
            driving from studio to new innovation room
            may  14th,  driving from the studio to the pole position spot, between the Happy street sign and the Vip room
            the Tornado Wind Turbine Car  in the showroom with the sign NEW
            Both cars  Press Release
            The complete exhibition at Happy Street is  HappyHouses.nl
            The complete exhibition on your iPhone with the free  SoGeo App
            News from Utrecht,  De Wind Van Voren
            Shanghai and around,  weblog van Tisse
            Uur van de Wolf,  door Bas Roeterink, Happy Street op de World expo
            Car of the future
            John, Mariken van Nimwegen, Oskar op de Nationale dag