International Porsche meeting 1996 Gemert, the Netherlands                           The  928  I sold to John Kormeling in 1998 

 The Porsche 928 and the most aerodynamic shape in the same direction?  I start to work with this idea from 1992 and discovered that Porsche tested this car backwards in the windtunnel, with better results.

                split and turned body                  

                It's a mid-engine car now                                                                               Your legs between the front wheels

At Youtube driving backward                     tackle a legend a Porsche in Mythbusters
At MythBusters                                                                                                                                               120 Miles/hr (200 Km/uur) test in 2010
Discovery's Mythbusters spoil the test: they compare 2 different versions of the 928, one with a spoiler on the back; the Cd = 0,38 to a model with Cd = 0,41
which they turned around. Executive producer Dan Tapster didn't get delivered the car he purchased. This test is not serious and no fun either.

Press Release: Converted Porsche
Pers Bericht: achterstevoren rijdende Porsche
Reinvention of the ready made

Photo: in corporation with Peter Cox                                                         The converted Porsche 928 silver Aero interior, thanks to the mid-engine

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